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The Elegance of Swiss Influence In Softicated’s Creations

Softicated, the honored recipient of the 2024 Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Finest Quality Furniture and Home Furnishings in Switzerland, reflects the craftsmanship of designing interiors with precision, originality, and a dedicated commitment to excellence. Founded by the visionary Cyril Rumpler, Softicated offers top-tier furniture, lighting, and carpets crafted to enhance the very essence of home.

Caring for Interiors

The philosophy of Softicated is summed up in the motto “We take care of interiors.” Apart from being a producer of premium furniture, lighting, and carpets, the brand instills a philosophy that prioritizes intricate focus on the emotional impact of each item. Cyril Rumpler, ignited by visions and fueled by a mission to bring happiness, transitioned from a successful career in medical packaging to curate pieces that go beyond mere utility – they resonate emotions and narrate stories.

Residences That Transcend Boundaries

“A home is not just a structure but a fusion of intimacy and character!” – The profound declaration of Cyril Rumpler resonates at the heart of Softicated. The brand envisions homes that surpass the physical constraints of walls, emphasizing the significance of coziness and individuality in every area. Softicated’s distinctiveness lies in the juxtaposition of modernity and the gentle touch of nature, sculpting spaces that are not merely living spaces but expressions of uniqueness. This dedication to creating a

livelihood that exceeds mere utility is encapsulated in the brand’s identity itself – a fusion of “Elegance” and “Gentleness.”

Exemplary Swiss Designs

An outstanding element of Softicated is the brand’s commitment to Swiss design. Each piece of Softicated furniture and lighting is meticulously crafted in Switzerland and skillfully produced in Europe by local artisans. This dedication to superior craftsmanship guarantees that each piece is not just an object but a masterpiece, a reflection of the brand’s commitment to perfection and aesthetic finesse.

Goals and Contributions

The objective of Softicated is to create a premium “art de vivre” for interiors. The brand’s furniture, lights, and carpets embody comfort and timeless sophistication. Softicated significantly contributes to the comfort and ambiance of interiors, both in traditional and contemporary settings. The brand’s pieces embrace sentiment, genuineness, and contemporary style, creating an environment where every client genuinely feels at home. Whether for individuals, architects, interior designers, or decorators, Softicated offers inspiration and artistic ingenuity to enhance personal and professional spaces.

Principles That Inspire Excellence

Ingenuity lies at the core of Softicated’s design ethos. The brand unleashes its creativity to produce original, practical, innovative, comfortable, and long-lasting items. This creativity extends beyond appearances; it permeates every facet of

production, materials utilized, forms, colors, packaging, and dissemination of Softicated’s furniture and lighting. The result is not solely a piece of furniture but a declaration of distinctiveness and inventiveness.


Softicated nurtures – its staff, its clients, and the planet. This dedication surpasses immediate objectives, focusing on the long-term well-being of everyone associated with the brand. From devising products that create comforting environments to fostering the overall well-being of employees and clients, Softicated embodies a comprehensive approach to nurturing.


Quality at Softicated is a pledge to surpass customer anticipations. Customers take precedence in the brand’s list of priorities, and Softicated works diligently to ensure that its products and services consistently meet the highest benchmarks of quality. The brand’s commitment to providing a premium encounter is apparent in every piece it produces.


Honesty is the basis of Softicated’s operations. The brand operates with integrity, allegiance, openness, and respect – internally and with clients and collaborators. When confronted with challenges, Softicated consults, studies, and cooperates to unearth the finest solutions, guaranteeing that the confidence invested in the brand is always justifiably placed.

Exceptional Collections

Embark on a journey through Softicated’s remarkable collections:

· Ebb & Flow
· Gustav
· Hey Hello
· Planets
· Saddlebags
· Soft Re-Creation
· Tinged Leaves
· Weightlessness
· Signet Ring

Each collection narrates a unique tale, harmonizing style and utility in a seamless amalgamation. Explore the diverse spectrum of Softicated collections here.

Future Perspectives

Softicated aims to be the go-to brand for individuals searching for premium living and the preferred collaborator for architects, interior designers, and decorators. The vision is to play a pivotal role in the success of interior design projects, establishing a new benchmark for what it signifies to reside amid elegance and ease.

In summary, Softicated is an architect of experiences. Through meticulous craftsmanship, a dedication to creativity, and a devotion to fulfilling its clients’ satisfaction, Softicated has rightfully secured its standing as a frontrunner in the realm of luxury living.

Image Source: DiBeauty / Shutterstock

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