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    Transform Your Cheer with Empress 1908 Gin & Spirits

    Victoria Distillers, a family-run premium gin facility in Canada, has been producing handmade spirits for over a decade, using copper pot stills.

    The distillery collaborated with the Fairmont Empress Hotel to create Empress 1908 Gin, inspired by teas in the Empress tea room and won the Blue Suede Shoes blend made with Butterfly pea blossoms, providing its indigo blue hue.

    The company also launched the Elderflower Rose and Indigo Gins, as well as a chocolate liqueur and a Sidney Spiced spirit.

    Empress 1908 Gin works well in creating several cocktails and even offers a lighter lavender hue when mixed with premium tonic water. With exquisite taste and presentation, Empress 1908 Gin has won several accolades in various competitions.

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