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    Rolls-Royce Honors The ‘Year of the Dragon’ With Four Unique Commissions

    Rolls-Royce Pays Tribute to the ‘Year of the Dragon’ With Four Exclusive Commissions

    In celebration of the start of the 2024 Year of the Dragon, four lucky individuals have become the proud owners of unique, tailor-made Rolls-Royce cars. These special editions feature intricate hand-painted and hand-embroidered dragons in various shades of red, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune in Chinese tradition.

    Handcrafted at the Rolls-Royce Headquarters in Goodwood, these limited-edition Year of the Dragon designs include three Phantom Extended models and one Cullinan, beautifully showcasing the deep-rooted essence of Chinese culture through exceptional craftsmanship. The dragon, renowned as a symbol of strength, achievement, and success, inspired the creation of these exceptional vehicles in a fresh and contemporary style never seen before in Rolls-Royce history.

    Each car is adorned with meticulous details, incorporating traditional dragon motifs subtly interwoven throughout the interior. The dragons are elegantly embroidered in Phoenix Red on the headrests, creating a striking contrast against the Black or White leather seats. Crafting each intricate dragon design required over 5,000 stitches and more than 20 hours of precise workmanship.

    Furthermore, three of the cars feature hand-painted dashboard panels with modern interpretations of the dragon motif, expertly executed by Rolls-Royce artisans. The standout feature of these bespoke models is the exclusive Bespoke Starlight Headliner, featuring a captivating dragon pattern made up of more than 600 individually placed fiber-optic “star” lights, all meticulously positioned by hand.

    Each custom Rolls-Royce comes equipped with a Gallery artwork, luxurious lambswool carpets, and a unique color scheme tailored to each specific model. The designers aimed to pay homage to Chinese culture while creating a sleek and contemporary style that resonates with luxury enthusiasts globally.

    Jonathan Simms, the Head of Bespoke at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, stated, “Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is adept at producing products that honor diverse cultures and traditions by incorporating designs, motifs, and materials that hold personal significance for our clients. These Bespoke Year of the Dragon commissions underscore our dedication to Chinese heritage and our commitment to meeting the changing preferences of luxury consumers worldwide.”

    Image Source: betto rodrigues / Shutterstock

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