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Lanzarote: Exploring Volcanic Craters and Wildlife on the Island

Lanzarote, a World Biosphere Reserve located seventy miles off the west African coast, has been a popular tourist destination for generations. Its moon-like landscape, dotted with around two hundred extinct volcanoes, and abundant wildlife make it a worthwhile place to visit. Here are some reasons why:

Stunning volcanic landscapes

On the African Plate fault line, Lanzarote has been shaped by numerous volcanic eruptions, resulting in deep craters and multi-colored rocks, particularly red basalt. Hiking paths have been created around these dormant volcanoes, allowing visitors to explore their open craters and envision their past power. One notable volcano is La Caldera Los Cuervos, which erupted in 1730 and is now part of Timanfaya National Park.

Diverse wildlife

Lanzarote is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including around 40 different bird species found in the central desert area known as El Jable. DesertWatch, a conservation group, organizes activities and educational programs to promote conservation efforts and raise awareness about the island’s unique ecosystem.

Art and Culture

Lanzarote is famous for artist Cesar Manrique, who converted volcanic formations into stunning pieces of art that harmonize with the natural environment. Visitors can explore the César Manrique House Museum in the village of Haria, filled with his personal belongings and artwork. The César Manrique Foundation in Tahiche is also worth a visit, showcasing Manrique’s artwork alongside works by other renowned artists.

Rest and relaxation

‘Global Massage,’ a massage therapy center owned by Sandra Mouras, offers a range of treatments to help visitors relax and recharge. Located in Costa Teguise, the center is popular among locals and tourists looking for a soothing experience.

Market Days

Every Saturday, stalls fill the promenade of Charco de San Ginés in Arrecife, offering a variety of goods and creating a lively atmosphere. Additionally, the town of Teguise hosts a market on Sundays, where visitors can find a range of products including local foods.


The northern part of Lanzarote offers breathtaking views of the Famara Cliff, a 15-kilometer-long formation made up of basalt tubes. From here, visitors can also enjoy panoramic views of the neighboring Chinijo Archipelago, including the largest island, La Graciosa.

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