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    La Badira Hotel In Tunisia: A Luxurious Retreat Featuring a Private Beach and Modern Design

    In Tunisia, the five-star La Badira hotel stands out with its captivating entrance and stunning visual contrasts. White columns line the entrance, leading to large doors that reveal a dark passageway adorned with ornamental white fish. As the second door opens, the spacious lobby floods with light, creating a mesmerizing experience.

    Originally an Italian holiday club, La Badira underwent three years of renovation before reopening in 2015. Situated in the Gulf of Hammamet, a former retreat for renowned writers and artists like Oscar Wilde and Gustave Flaubert, this adults-only hotel boasts 130 suites and exudes luxury and elegance.

    Proudly showcasing Tunisian heritage, La Badira incorporates various artifacts throughout its premises. The ground-floor bar boasts a wall of handmade Berber-style ceramics, while the Adra restaurant showcases a traditional Tunisian door and colorful ornamental shelving known as tej. The lobby features decorative copper serving plates with intricate calligraphy and a brass incense burner.

    The charming ambiance of La Badira is further enhanced by gleaming speckled marble flooring and discreet alcoves for seating. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide breathtaking views of the manicured lawn, palm trees, and the hotel’s private beach and infinity pool.

    While Tunisia has long been associated with package tourism, La Badira caters to the luxury market. The hotel’s expansion plans include stand-alone villas and a private pool, aiming to meet the desires of upscale travelers.

    Leisure facilities at La Badira include two swimming pools: one infinity pool overlooking the sea and another indoor heated pool on an upper floor with beach views. The hotel also houses a spa by Clarins, offering a hammam and a wide range of treatments. Guests can choose from sixteen therapy options, including Swedish and Lomi Lomi Polynesia massages, Thai-inspired candle massages, Ayurvedic treatments with hot oils, lymphatic drainage, and specialized massages for pregnant women.

    When it comes to dining, La Badira offers a variety of options. The Adra restaurant serves traditional Tunisian cuisine, while Kamila offers international fare. During the summer season, an outdoor beach grill is also available. For breakfast, guests can enjoy a meal at the Zahila restaurant, and to admire the sunset, the terrace of Cafe Maure provides a magnificent view.

    One of the standout suites at La Badira is suite 1357 on the third floor. With its all-white color scheme, including the furnishings, this suite offers panoramic views of the sandy beach and the sea. Although it does not have separate rooms, a lattice feature subtly divides the bedroom and enclosed toilet, with a glass-fronted shower standing between them. The suite is furnished with a sofa, armchair, coffee table, writing desk, chair, and stone tablets inscribed with calligraphy.

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    All suites at La Badira offer sea views, and some rooms are named after well-known individuals with connections to the area, such as artist Paul Klee and actress Claudia Cardinale. Other rooms are named after various flowers.

    For those interested in exploring the surroundings, the charming seaside town of Hammamet is a mere six kilometers away, offering a lively market (medina) and a wide range of cafes and restaurants. Tunis and the ruins of Carthage are also within an hour’s drive.

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