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Explore A Range Of Adventure At The Brewery Glutch Inn Filled With Bird Watching Excitement

When traveling up the Northern California coast, one can’t help but be amazed by the stunning landscape where the redwood forest meets the ocean and the rugged cliffs seamlessly blend into the vibrant blue waves. It’s a magical combination of mountains and sea.

Enter Brewery Gulch Inn in Mendocino, a local gem that fits perfectly into its surroundings and instantly makes visitors feel at home in this natural paradise.

Located on the original 10-acre farmstead of Mendocino pioneer Homer Barton, Brewery Gulch offers breathtaking views of Smuggler’s Cove and borders the untouched meadows and redwoods of the Jackson Demonstration State Forest, totaling 48,000 acres. This ensures a tranquil and peaceful experience, with guests surrounded by majestic redwood forests and treated to breathtaking ocean vistas.

Brewery Gulch Inn was meticulously designed and constructed with a strong commitment to the environment. The ponds, an essential part of the wetlands restoration, are kept clean using a natural rock filtration system that requires no chemicals. Native grasses and wildflowers thrive throughout the wetlands, and secluded benches provide peaceful views of the ponds and the Pacific Ocean.

The inn itself exudes a charming storybook ambiance, with extensive use of wood and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Many of the logs used in its construction were eco-salvaged from the nearby Big River, having spent 100-150 years submerged in silt and imbued with stunning natural colors from mineralization. Spread over three levels, the inn features 10 spacious guest rooms with picturesque views of the ocean framed by spruce and pines.

A spotting scope on the deck allows guests to observe distant whales or the wide variety of bird species that visit the property. Outside, a bird feeder attracts an array of winged creatures, delighting avid birdwatchers.

The Inn has recently partnered with the renowned Cornell Lab of Ornithology, providing bird enthusiasts with the opportunity to become familiar with the local bird species in the area. Guests can discover and connect with the hundreds of bird species surrounding them, fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world and facilitating interactions with fellow birdwatchers during their stay.

Breakfast at the Inn starts with steaming cups of coffee and tea alongside freshly baked goods prepared by the chef each day. Guests can enjoy these delicious treats in the main dining area, on the deck, or even have a cozy breakfast in bed.

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Wine hour and dinner at the Inn are always full of surprises. With no set menu to order from, the chef crafts meals based on the available seasonal ingredients and even takes inspiration from the weather outside. Guests can expect hearty seafood chowder on cold, gloomy days and lighter fare on sunny, bright days.

For those seeking privacy and coziness, the Inn offers the Beach Trail Cottage as a new addition to its accommodations. Located just a mile south of the main Inn, this fully remodeled 150-year-old home boasts luxurious linens, a full kitchen, and an upper-floor master bedroom with sweeping views of the coastline and Van Damme State Beach.

Situated just steps away from Van Damme State Beach, the cottage has its own private trail leading to the headlands. Guests can enjoy the sandy beach, watch sea lions and harbor seals, observe ospreys in action, and explore fascinating tidepools at their leisure.

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