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Curtiss Motorcycle Co. Releases Flagship Motorcycle – The 1

Luxury electric motorcycle brand, Curtiss Motorcycle Co., has released The 1, which is their debut flagship product. The motorcycle is designed to offer a balanced, hyper-luxury and hassle-free two-wheeled experience for new and experienced riders. The perfectly centered design of the Axis-Centered Design operating system, which is patented by Curtiss Motorcycle, will be used in The 1. This system makes the motorcycle entirely symmetrical and changes the way motorcycles ride, look, and feel. The motorcycle’s modular, scalable design platform will be applied to every future motorcycle produced by Curtiss Motorcycle. It’s currently available for pre-order for $120,000 USD.

Curtiss Motorcycle is giving investors a chance to buy a piece of its company through a direct-to-investor offer. Curtiss Motorcycles’ thermal management technology provides the best-in-industry efficiency with application to all forms of battery-based electrification. The company’s industry valuation rate, patent-protected Axis-Centered Design application, and the fact that it is a luxury brand make it an excellent opportunity to invest in. Similar to Tesla’s market entry strategy, Curtiss is starting at the top and working its way down the market, always remaining luxury relative to competitors.

Glenn Hammond Curtiss started building motorcycles in 1902, and his companies’ latest release 120 years later is The 1. A limited edition of 120 electric motorcycles will be released as a part of the 120 Collection. Pre-orders for the $120,000 masterpiece can be made on the Curtiss Motorcycles website.

Curtiss Motorcycle is proud to be the first and only luxury electric motorcycle brand in the world. The 1 has seven “firsts”, showcasing how electrification is revolutionizing what is possible on two wheels. The beautifully designed, proportioned, and balanced motorcycle, along with the company’s patented, modular proprietary platform architecture, will serve as the basis for every future Curtiss motorcycle.


Photo by Curtiss Motorcycle Co.

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